A Digital Welcome To Country
Sky Country
The Story from the shore
So powerful is our impulse to detect story patterns, That we see them when they're not even there
Frank Rose
  • The first of a series of ELDERS films for the National Museum of Australia in Canberra. MATILDA HOUSE WILLIAMS stands tall and proud on country and talks about connection, spirit, and love.

  • As Part of research into our drama series REMAINS, we talk to MARGO NEALE senior curator at the National Museum of Australia

  • The central Video for one of the most successful CHUFFED crowd raising campaigns ever! With the help of David Stratton and amazing community support The Save Sawtell Cinema campaign raised over 140K!

  • UAV’s are changing the way we acquire and produce video content & aerial camera platforms are becoming integral storytelling tools. Zakpage is an accredited and enthusiastic aerial cinematography advocate.

When I’m working on a problem,
I never think about beauty but when I am finished,
if the solution is not beautiful,
I know its wrong.
R. Buckminster Fuller
ZAKPAGE is a creative partnership between artists Alison Page and Nik Lachajczak, who are driven to create artistic, intelligent cultural narratives in film, sound, design and the built environment. We co-create with communities, organisations and cultural practitioners, to vitalise Country and strengthen identity through powerful place-based storytelling by converging appropriate and diverse mediums.
Alison Page
Alison Page is a descendant of the Walbanga and Wadi Wadi people of the Yuin nation and an award-winning artist whose work over 22 years promotes the creative expression of Aboriginal identity in public art, design and film. In 2015, Alison was inducted into the Design Institute of Australia’s Hall of Fame. She appeared for eight years as a regular panelist on the ABC TV show, The New Inventors and was the founder of Saltwater Freshwater Arts Alliance and the National Aboriginal Design Agency. Alison is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Technology, Sydney, a Councillor for the Australian National Maritime Museum and a Director with the Australia Day Council.
Nik Lachajczak
Nik is a Writer, Director, Cinematographer and Editor that has worked with communities in Australia and globally for 22 years. His work explores culture, identity and social justice. He has handled shooting, logistics, production and delivery on overseas and domestic features, broadcast documentaries, television series and online projects. Exit Syria (SBS), Absolute Deception (feature film), Not Just Cricket (NITV) and Cash Money (NITV). Nik and Alison formed Zakpage in 2015 and directed and produced Nyami Naarlu-Gundi, Woman of the Water (NITV), Bakala (2018 Adelaide Film Festival), Wellama (2019- Current Barangaroo) and The Message (2020 National Museum of Australia). Nik is a CASA certified UAV (drone) pilot.
Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others.
Unfold your own myth.


  • Combining state-of-the-art digital technologies with authentic visual storytelling, ZakPage brought sensitivity, passion and vision to the Marngo project. Alison and Nik crafted a powerful and evocative film that honours, enriches and seamlessly weaves together the students’ experiences and project’s aspirations with the hauntingly beautiful cultural landscape of Lake Mungo.

    Academic Director (External Engagement) Design, Swinburne University.
  • The Sawtell Cinema needed a compelling video for its crowd funding campaign to secure the additional funds required to refurbish the regional cinema which had recently been purchased by locals. Zakpage created a beautiful narrative that celebrated the love of cinema and captured the hearts of the Sawtell community. We hoped to raise $75,000 through the campaign and ended up almost doubling this reaching a total of $142,000. The very sharable video series was key to the success of the campaign.

    Jill Nash chair of the Sawtell Cinema Investment Committee
  • The Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Hub, of the National Environmental Science Programme, wanted to start a conversation about how and why Indigenous perspectives of cities should guide our work. Through a very collaborative and efficient process ZAKPAGE created a beautiful, visually stunning short film about cities as Aboriginal places. The finished product is more than we expected and is going a long way to engage more people and organisations planning and building the cities of the future.

    Dr Cathy Oke - Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Hub, University of Melbourne
  • The National Museum of Australia commissioned ZAKPAGE to produce a series of films capturing elders stories in and around Canberra. Combining a powerful narrative technique with outstanding cinematic vision, they produced several moving short films that reflected the pride and presence of our respected community elders and their Country. They went above and beyond in terms of respectful engagement and passion for the production process, and delivered amazing assets on time and on budget which are currently in permanent rotation in NMA’s main cinema. We look forward to collaborating with Alison and Nik on future projects.

    Adjunct Professor Margo Neale - Senior Indigenous Curator
    Indigenous Advisor to Directer, National Museum of Australia